What is HomeoEd?

  • Empower

    Empowering individuals to use homeopathy at home, safely and effectively, for the whole family.

  • Educate

    Instilling the fundamental pillars of health and wellbeing, grounded in nature and homeopathic principles.

  • Inspire

    Transforming the lives of people and animals through homeopathy.

Learning through the Wisdom of Nature

Prepare to be Inspired

Homeopathy for All

Learning to Heal through the Intelligence of Nature

We are 8 billion people on planet earth. Mother Nature is being pushed to her limits. Resources are being consumed at a record pace. Disease, viruses, bacteria and climate change are threatening our existence like never before. We are facing unprecedented challenges to our physical and emotional health and our ability to access medical care.

How will we find a path forward to navigate this tumultuous time in our history?

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann founded Homeopathy in 1796 at a time when allopathic medicine was using bloodletting, purging and administering poisonous substances that often killed instead of cured the patient. Hahnemann rejected the methods as irrational, instead favouring the use of single drugs at very low doses, and promoted an immaterial, vitalistic view of how living organisms function, believing that diseases have spiritual and emotional as well as physical causes. Hahnemann also advocated various lifestyle improvements to his patients including exercise, diet, and proper hygiene.

The principles of health, vitality and cure that Hahnemann espoused more than 2 centuries ago were based on natural laws that are as true and valid today as they were then.

The path forward brings us back to nature and her innate wisdom.


F. G. Foothills, AB

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how phenomenal you and Andrea were teaching this course!  It was extremely informative and helpful and I enjoyed every minute.  It was also so wonderful to be amongst people who "think" and understand what is going on.  I will miss not seeing everyone now that the course has finished. I was always happy going into the seminar weekends.

A. M. Texas, USA

To say I thoroughly enjoyed the class would be an understatement, you and Andrea are truly amazing people and I really appreciate ya’ll taking the time out of your busy schedules to educate us pet parents. The class was AWESOME! I hope to be able to do more with you and Andrea in the future!

Y. G. Courtney, BC

The course was wonderful and so informative!! I am so glad that you both have chosen to do this!!  I was not quite so prepared for the course to be so intensive, but I am glad it was! I am interested in any webinar seminars etc. in the future.

V. T. Vancouver, BC

I want to thank you both for organizing the course. It was a life changer for me. Not only do I dare choose a remedy now, but I am fascinated by the depth of thought of various homeopaths new and old and determined to learn more.

K.N. Surrey, BC

Thank you for hosting the classes, I found it very interesting and useful for me as I have a whole zoo in my house LOL. Really appreciated what you and Andrea do for us.