Homeopathy for All

Empowering you through the wisdom of nature

The goal of HomeoEd is to empower you, the home prescriber, to take your health and the health of your loved ones into your own hands and to create a future that draws on the wisdom of nature to heal and restore vitality and balance. We will give you the knowledge and the power to use your homeopathic tool kit effectively and with confidence, so you have better success in restoring health and need to rely much less heavily on your animal and human conventional medical systems.

Meet Andrea

Andrea Ring DCH started pursuing her passion for homeopathy in 1999 when her 16 year old dog became very sick. Toby was suffering from advanced kidney and liver disease, incontinence, ataxia, arthritis, cataracts, hearing loss, dementia and he had stopped eating.  Her vet advised that he was simply a very old dog and nothing more could be done for him, however she was not prepared to give up.  Andrea took Toby to Adored Beast Veterinary clinic (the first strictly holistic vet clinic in Canada) founded by Julie Anne Lee DCH RCSHom, a gifted homeopath who worked alongside a holistic veterinarian. Toby was put on a natural raw diet and treated homeopathically and naturopathically.  His recovery was nothing short of miraculous. Toby lived another 2 years with good quality until the last 3 months. He died peacefully at home at the age of 18. 

Encouraged and astounded at the power of homeopathy and holistic medicine to help her dear animal companion, Andrea left a successful 25 year career in radio news broadcasting and journalism to begin her homeopathic education.  She graduated from the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy in 2007 with a Diploma of Classical Homeopathy.  She then completed the 3 year program of the College of Animal Homeopathic Medicine which combined Animal Sciences with Veterinary Homeopathy.

Throughout this time, Andrea was working in veterinary medicine in all aspects:  receptionist, assistant, technician, manager, client care coordinator, as Julie Ann Lee's homeopathic assistant and right hand, being mentored by her and eventually moving fully into the role of animal homeopath.  

In Autumn of 2022, alongside her busy practice, Andrea began her foray into teaching homeopathy for Animals. The goal, to put knowledge and power into the hands of animal parents on a broader scale.

Andrea lives in a heritage farmhouse, on an acreage in Maple Ridge, BC and is a pet parent to 3 dogs and 8 cats. They are the precious and beloved beings with whom she shares life and who teach her to be a better, kinder, more loving, compassionate and patient person. 

Andrea Ring